Introducing... Property Boardroom; the ONLY Director Programme directly focused on Growing Your Property Business

Why You Want To Be in ‘Property Boardroom’

This programme is designed to give maximum impact and focused on growing your business fast through the delivery of a unique Non-Executive Director level insight into your business.

It’s personalised advice relevant to your business & growth that makes this programme unique

If you're currently earning £30,000 or more from your property business but have faltered , stopped growing or are beset with organisational issues, this programme will not only crush them but will reset your business to massively increase your empire, profits and success.

The Programme Highlights

Quarterly Boardroom

Every 90 days, we sit down in a private meeting and review your business performance; good and bad.  Then we plan out the following quarter goals and focus.

Quarterly Mastermind

Every 90 days, all Boardroom businesses meet to discuss growth strategies with hot seats, guest experts and customised training.

Weekly Progress Barometer

It’s important to keep focused; my unique framework allows you to hit each week running and review where to go next.

The Growth Retreat

An off-site 2 day event in Europe where we work ON your business , brainstorm accelerated growth and devise the next 1 year detailed plan.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get the results that we have agreed at our Board Meetings is possible with the team, capabilities and capital available, I'll keep working with you until you do!  Can't say fairer than that. 

Matthew Moody

This is not a cookie cutter programme

I remember working with a client (Jenni) who had come to me off the back of several other programmes.  Not one of these had even explained the step-by-step process for her to understand exactly how to start building her property empire.

Fast forward a few short months later and Jenni had acquired a deal that cashflows at £1000 a month but more importantly she had set up her systems and processes to be able to sell a deal a month.

If you’d like to be like Jenni and bringing in a cool £6,000 per month to your property business, this personalised programme is for you; pertinent relevant advice to you and your situation.


If you want unbiased advice from a highly successful industry veteran so that you can take the next steps in growing your business to £100,000 a year or more, click on the link below to apply for the programme.

A simple form will enable you to tell me as much about you as possible and why YOU feel that you’re the perfect fit for ‘PROPERTY BOARDROOM’


Boost Your Results & Create a Property Empire 

What our clients are saying:

The BEST Property Training I have attended

Very clear and the programme is more than value for money.  Fantastic just do it!

JENNI SLADER  //  Professional Investor & Property Sourcer, London

If you want to learn how to build a profitable HMO business, he is the guy!

I've known Matthew for many years and what I like about him is this. Because he's bought and built up a large HMO portfolio; he's got the experience to guide you through the maze and ensure you are doing the right things!

Matthew is methodical, detailed and knows his figures inside out.

VINCENT WONG  //  Chairman, Wealth Dragons PLC

Why is this Different to a Mastermind?

Great question and one which I’d certainly expect you to ask!

Here’s the thing about masterminds.  Most of them are thinly disguised training programmes.  And you can benefit from the networking but what if you want more individual attention?

For instance, the other day I consulted with one of the businesses in ‘PROPERTY BOARDROOM’ on an acquisition we are considering.  We’ve had a few meetings and calls and done an in-depth analysis of the business to understand if it works and how to get the best possible deal.

You are not going to get this in a mastermind.  I’m bringing 25 years of experience to the table in building businesses and its only by digging deep that we can begin to grow fast.

Our 1-2-1 Quarterly Boardroom sessions are the framework around how we build your business; they are focused, honest, challenging but they get results through fast action, focus and hard work.


Every business needs to follow proven steps to succeed and the ‘PROPERTY BOARDROOM’ programme was set up exactly to allow this to happen.  Through the right support, accountability and focus anything is possible.

  1. 1
    Quarterly Board Meeting where we review your business key financial metrics, 
  2. 2
    Quarterly Mastermind Meeting where we meet to discuss fast-growth strategies to make more whilst freeing up more of your time with a high-quality group of property professionals 
  3. 3
    Weekly Progress Barometer to keep you and your business on track, on target and to enable a holistic but honest review
  4. 4
    Direct Access to Matthew via email, messenger and phone during office hours (and emergency access when you need it).
  5. 5
    the GROWTH Retreat where we spend 2 days in a luxury resort in Europe focusing on your business, brand, marketing and sales strategies to grow your business in the next 12-36 months*
  6. 6
    Access to an unparalleled network of trusted advisors, mentors and suppliers to assist you in building your property empire.

MATTHEW MOODY  //  Your Advisor

Matthew has been in the property and business space since 1995 and runs ‘League of Extraordinary Investors’ where he advises busy entrepreneurs how to invest in high-yielding properties in their spare time through his global professional investment community.

His focus is on the legacy end of building a property empire and with a £3.5 million portfolio generating over £100k annually together with numerous consultancy roles with some of the leading property companies, he's in an enviable position to help you build your property empire.

Matthew Moody

Join Over 11,000 Happy Customers

VINCENT WONG  //  Chairman, Wealth Dragons PLC

JOHN MILLER / RYAN TAYLOR  //  Property Investors

Sound and solid tried and tested advice 

from a true professional in the field, delivered with honesty and real-life examples.  Absolutely no rah-rah sales stuff (thank god!)

SUSIE WILDER  //  Project Manager & Investor

Matthew shows the way forward to enhance the return of an investment

Matthew is one of the few investors who walks the walk he has been running his hmo's consistently in profit for many years. And knows how to turn hmos into a great investment.

Forget all the gurus who sell the dream this guy lives it

LESLIE PARR  //  Property Investor

The Best Time to Build a Property Empire is Now!

If you are already earning £30,000+ per annum from your property business and want to earn £100,000 or more, this is the only programme in the UK where you will get access to an experienced company director who will advise you on exactly how to build your property empire safely, ethically and with proven results.

If you delay getting started, your competitors will overtake you and you will be left behind.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day but it was built step-by-step over a lifetime.  But you have to start NOW!

Property Boardroom

Boost Your Results & Create a Property Empire 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get the results that we have agreed at our Board Meetings is possible with the team, capabilities and capital available, I'll keep working with you until you do!  Can't say fairer than that. 

Matthew Moody

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