“Find Out How This Investor Has Disrupted the Property Market by Teaching Business Owners, Investors and Entrepreneurs How to Capitalize On This Lucrative, Real Estate Investment Opportunity”

If you’ve been investing for decades or are simply thinking about getting into Real Estate Investing, then you already know it’s a long, slippery learning curve which could land you in hot water if you don’t know what you are doing.

Many entrepreneurs, investors and business owners have made critical mistakes in the market by way of renting out single family homes or doing rehabs/refurbishments.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Mongolia for the last 20 years, you may have heard that investing in property can make you financially secure and supply you with a pension.

What you’ve probably not heard is, in the majority of cases, most property investors get it wrong.

A typical investor will buy a small apartment or house and rent it out either themselves or, via a letting agent.

Did you know that the average profit that the investor makes on this type of property is close to zero and often they end up subsidizing the property?

As a result, many of these hard working people see little or no return on their investments while watching professional Investors gain record setting revenues.

Commonly known as the secret “cash flow generator” for savvy entrepreneurs and property investors; HMO’s, LO's and other Creative Property Strategies have been around for hundreds of years and are a proven successful property investment model.

Hello, I’m Matthew Moody and, since 2006, I’ve been teaching investors, entrepreneurs and business owners how to build successful property Businesses.

In recent years, the Buy-to-Let (BTL) market has taken investment opportunities in the UK to a fast paced gold rush of sorts.

This isn’t about instant cash, easy money or flash in the pan investment “tactics”.

I’ve developed an Investment Portfolio worth millions of dollars in a very short period of time, but the path toward this success wasn’t laid out before me…it took years of learning, planning and work to make it happen.

Luckily, I’ve been teaching other UK Investors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs how they can do it as well.

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This is where you come in…

You see, with our LIVE Events, our students get premier access to training which allows them to get into Property Investment with less hassle, more profit and in a shorter amount of time, while helping them lay out their strategy to develop a real business and portfolio.

Sadly many people, like yourself, are stuck without access because…

  • You cannot always get to our LIVE events
  • The timing is simply not right for you
  • You like to test the waters by learning from the comfort of your own home
  • You leave events forgetting half of what was taught and you’d like to have convenient, 24/7 access to the training
  • You learn in multiple ways so, resources like high-quality, online streaming video, audio and written materials are imperative to your learning experience.
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    90% of people who attend LIVE courses forget most of the information they learned within the first 2 weeks of attending UNLESS…it’s reinforced.

After scratching our heads on how we could best deliver this training to you and cater to those at different levels of investing and learning, we came up with an extremely unique set of packages available for you…

Just the Way You Want It!

Before we get to the packages…you have to understand that we spent countless, hundreds of hours and many years formulating the perfect curriculum and online digital delivery system all while creating the ability to deliver up-to-date training modules, month-after-month.

It takes a lot of work to put all this together and keep it running smoothly…

I mean, just look at this list of lessons we are planning to roll out to you over the next 12-24 months (and these are just a snapshot of what is planned)!


“This Doesn’t Even Include Some of the Extras for The Different Levels of Membership!”

1. You’re the prize not the prospect

2. No hassle tenant management

3. Multiple deal creation

4. 5 stage Business Mastery

5. Rent 2 Rent Mastery

6. Lease Options Mastery

8. Guaranteed Rent Marketing

9. Management Secrets

10. Cash-flow Ninja Techniques

12. Negotiation Mastery

13. How To Deal With Councils, Enforcement Agencies and Neighbours
14. Power Team Dynamics

15. Professional Viewings
16. Regulations Deciphered
17. Article 4 Upsides
18. Planning Management
19. Mega HMOs
20. The 3 Step Method
21. Contractor Heaven
22. Rental Management
23. Time Management

24. House Success Set Up

25. 90 Day Blitz Plan
26. Boutique HMO's
27. LHA HMO's
28. Professional HMO's
29. Key worker HMO's
31. Refurbishment Checklists
32. Conversion Secrets
33. Rental Yields Calculators
36. Finance and Structuring
37. Portfolio Management Company Structure

Imagine all the written materials, videos and audios contained within these lessons!

You no longer have to go scouring the Internet or, attending countless seminars leaving you confused without all the necessary details you need to be successful.

This training was developed for people just like you by a team who has the track record, experience and are successful investors themselves so you don’t have to go it alone.

Within this new training delivery system, we have a few packages to choose from so you can have the experience you desire and that best fits your budget!

League Of Extraordinary Investors Membership


You'll Immediately Gain Access to These Modules When You Sign Up NOW!

  • How To Find Your First High Cashflow HMO
  • The Money Mindset and Success Principles
  • Goal Setting and Planning Your Perfect Property Business
  • asterisk
    Fundamentals - The Perfect HMO and The 7 Step Method
  • asterisk
    HMO Blackbelt Techniques

You'll Also Receive...

  • 6 Month Property Training Programme
  • A new module each and every month (voted for by you!)
  • A Monthly Group coaching call
  • A Chat group for quick response to questions/issues
  • asterisk
    A copy of our 12x4 Plan for optimum growth during your time with us
  • asterisk
    Support from Matthew via the Chat group
  • asterisk
    Early Bird Notification / Special League Pricing for Other Events, Products and Services
  • asterisk
    Tools & Resources to use in your property business

If you're getting started, this is for you.

$97.00/mo $67.00/mo

  • All of the above
  • Support from Matthew
  • Convenient Online learning
  • A community supporting you
  • Minimum 6 Month Membership

Or Go All In With Our Annual Payment Option $804 40% off $482


Highest level of membership for the ultra-serious

$497.00/mo $326.00/mo

  • Everything included in lower Tiers
  • 1/2 Day Planning Session
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Call
  • 10 Places Only
  • Minimum 6 Month Membership

Or Go All In With Our Annual Payment Option $3912 40% off $2,347

As you can obviously see, we spared nothing to deliver high quality, education filled experience for you and it’s backed by our…

30 Day, Iron-Clad Money Back,
Cancel Any Time Guarantee

Within the First 30 Days, If You Don’t See the Value in Your Training, Simply Shoot Us a Message and Ask for a Refund On Your First Month’s Subscription Payment and We Will Promptly Refund You and Cancel Your Membership.

You Can Also Cancel Your Membership At Any Time After 6 Months (or 12 Months on Annual Membership Tier), So You Are Under Absolutely No Obligation to Continue As a Member!

Simply chose your membership level above, get started on your training and I’ll see you soon, online!

divitiae in conspectu bonis, legatum cum viventem.

Matthew Moody, Grand Master and Your Guide

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