Build a HMO Empire in Your Spare Time And Retire Within 3 to 5 Years With as Little as £15,000 To Get Going!

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Full HMO Empire Workshop Details

Join us on October 17th/18th Online from the comfort of your home and learn how to build your HMO empire with starting capital of only £15,000 together with ADVANCED break-out Groups for existing HMO Investors

Day 1 Foundation Day
  • Find your ideal HMO; I show you how to research and analyse the perfect deal with the aim of finding a deal LIVE as we work.  ADVANCED Session focuses on finding Conversion Deals.
  • Fund your HMO; I show you how to crunch realistic numbers and where to go for funding (local and overseas investors) with special finance guests on hand to help.  ADVANCED Session focuses on Tax.
  • Fix your HMO; with case studies and exercises, I illustrate exactly where to spend your money on the property and what not to do.  ADVANCED Session focuses on Conversion Strategies.
  • Fill your HMO; learn the marketing methods that are working right now and where to spend your budget. ADVANCED Session focuses on building Lead Generation and how to use a CRM to build endless leads.  
  • Re-Finance your HMO; the only way to build your empire is to refinance.  Learn the commercial refinance strategies that actually work right now, and how to get the best valuation.
Day 2 Advanced Day
  • A business without a Global Vision is like driving to the Alps with no map or directions.  In this session we create a concise yet powerful vision that will want you to start building your HMO Empire with gusto!  The Big W is where we spend time ensuring that you are fully aligned with your goals - because a plan is worthless if you don't get locked down first.
  • If every property succeeded, we wouldn't see so many landlords selling up.  In this session we analyse the Professional Investor Matrix and plot out where your strengths and weaknesses lie to ally yourself with the right team to take your business forward.   For your empire to succeed, you must have the correct Financial Framework in place.  We look at the steps you need to put in place and plot out the gaps to create a stable foundation.
  • A Vision is great but to build big, we need an amazing plan.  Learn how to use the 25 Year Master Plan to build a business that will dwarf your competition and give you satisfaction, wealth and legacy.  Coupled with the Circle of Nine we explore the fundamental attributes that make every great business great and how to utilise these to your advantage.
  • It's important to build a HMO Empire with a team and in our Strategic Organisational Map we delve into the creation of the ideal team for you and your business and lifestyle.  But having a team is not everything if you don't have the Accountability Paradox in place to hold people responsible for KPI's and Areas of Focus.  We work with you to set these up so that you can exit the workshop ready to go.
  • Our final session focuses on two very important pieces of the HMO Empire puzzle - the ability to execute and manage time.  In our 12X4 Plan we create your next 12 month goals whilst showing you how to manage this plan on a day-to-week-to-monthly basis with the RPA Method.  This session alone is worth the entire price of admission as these advanced tactics are normally only taught in our Boardroom programme.

The RRP for this 2-day workshop is £999 but the value and learnings are ten times this.

For the next 7 days only (ends September 21st), you can join for only £499 and take advantage of several very special bonuses.

* Ultimate HMO Convention Video Series (£399).  Over 10 hours of HMO goodness so you can get started learning right away

* Retire Rich Roadmap Series (£199).  Learn how to retire within the next 3 to 5 years rich and ahead of the curve.

* HMO Blackbelt Techniques (£199).  Exclusive report on how to add another £5,000-£10,000 to any property you own.

* Ultimate Deal Analysers (£499). A selection of my best Deal Analysers ranging from BTL, HMO, R2R, Sourcing and Commercial.  Use these to save thousands on your next deal.

Andrew Gallant

Property Investor

“Matthew it’s been a great day. The presentation was excellent and great detailed content given, enough to give me confidence to go out and buy and market HMO’s leading me to financial freedom. So often courses of this nature are given without the detail unless you buy further sessions. This course was different.”

Pete Cowan

Financial Services / Investor

“A very informative and fun workshop.  All my pre-workshop objectives were achieved.  Matthew is a great speaker, engages well with his students and impacts knowledge very well. I am now ready to embark on my HMO journey.”


For the next 24 hours only, you can purchase your ticket and pay in two payments of £250, 30 days apart.


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